About Me

It’s pronounced bă-nerd

Let’s start with clearing up some confusion, our last name is pronounced with a short ‘a’. One of the most awkward moments (and sometimes comical) when I meet someone for the first time is seeing how they pronounce my last name. Over the last 125 years, if not longer, our last name has been spelled and pronounced incorrectly. Even research into our ancestry found multiple documents and records with various spellings. Banard, Benerd, Bannard, Banero. We’ve seen it all! Banero was so popular I’ve used it in some of my social media handles (aka senorbanero).

You collect what?

When I was a kid my aunt brought me back a license plate from Hawaii. Since then I’ve been collecting plates from all over the world. It got to a point where my collection deserved it’s own website. You can view my collection in it’s entirety at jeffsplates.ca.

What Else?

I’m a big sports fan. I play slo-pitch in Langley and help our oldest daughter develop her skills in little league. I’m a huge Vancouver Canucks fan and also cheer on the BC Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, the Vancouver Giants, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners. I also enjoy camping whether it’s at the lake or in the local mountains. I take a ton of photos on my iPhone and occasionally break out my DSLR. As mentioned in my Instagram bio I’m terrible at selfies but sneak the odd one in from time to time.